MarioPortrait-croppedCRMario DiGirolamo is a physician and scientist who has pursued his artistic muse with a camera for over 60 years. His images have been gathered over many years of exploration and meeting photographic challenges. His current portfolio encompasses multiple perspectives and techniques.

In 1994, DiGirolamo hosted his first solo exhibition at the Shatten Gallery of Emory University in Atlanta. Since then, he has participated in numerous other shows, solo exhibits and competitions. Through the Atlanta Photographic Society, he has received yearly awards in both black and white and color categories; during 1994 through 1998, he also received the annual Francis Wu Award for Creative Photographer of the Year. In 2001, DiGirolamo exhibited both black and white images of Italy and color abstract prints at the Lamar Dodd School of Art Gallery at the University of Georgia in Athens, GA. Currently his work is collected and shown both publicly and privately. His black and white images, capturing the simple beauty of everyday life, feature the people and places of his native Italy, of Europe and of other countries around the world visited during his frequent travels. Seven years in New York City produced a portfolio of urban American images.

In recent years in Atlanta, Georgia, DiGirolamo has developed a series of color abstracts which highlight the same sense of linear movement, textures, and balance of masses that make his black and white images so effective. DiGirolamo has published two books of black and white images, one in 2000, entitled Sole e Ombra / Sun and Shadow, and another in 2015, entitled Visione. See BOOKS for details.

Mario DiGirolamo is presently represented by the Lumière Fine Art Gallery in Atlanta, Georgia.