Coney Island Boardwalk, NY. 1959Solitude, Italian Countryside. 1957Entering the Eternal City, Aurelian Wall. Rome, Italy. 1955The Old and the Young, London, England. 1955Open-Air Pub, Anglesea Free House, London. 1955Lost in Thought, Anglesea Free House, London. 1955Highland Games, Scotland. 1958Dance of the Swords, Highland Games, Scotland. 1958New York City. 1959Family Watching the Parade, New York City. 1959New York City, NY. 1959Coney Island, NY. 1959The White Bench, Coney Island, NY. 1959Mission, Coney Island, NY. 1959Ferris Wheel, Coney Island, NY. 1959Asparagus Vendor, Paris Market. 1992Street Warrior, San Juan, Puerto Rico. 1996Watching the Parade, New York City, NY. 1959Piediluco, Italy. 1995At the Train Station, St. Petersburg, Russia. 1999Vienna, Austria. 2004Paris Café, Paris, France. 1992Assisi, Italy. 2003