Sole e Ombra / Sun and Shadow

Her Domain, Italy. 1962Painting by the Tiber, Rome, Italy. 1956Taxi Drivers’ Caucus, Rome, Italy. 1955Courtyard Scene, Rome, Italy. 1956Street Philosopher, Rome, Italy. 1954Dancing in the Sun, Rome, Italy. 1955In Prayer, Rome, Italy. 1956Awakening, near Rome, Italy. 1957The Last Apples, Rome, Italy. 1957Silent Procession, in the Alps, Italy. 1961Emerging, Italy. 1961The Sentinel, Italy. 1961Black Cat in Labro, Italy. 1961Village Residents, Vallecorsa, Italy. 1963After the Rain, on the Arno edge, Florence, Italy. 1964Harmony, Farm House, Italy. 1958Lady in Waiting, Vallecorsa, Italy. 1962Beach Sandals’ Soles, Italy. 1957A Window on the World, Vallecorsa, Italy. 1961Old Friends, Arezzo, Italy. 1996Pensioners, Italy. 1958